Nectar Inc

Director, People & Culture Development

Full-Time in United States - Remote OK - Senior - Human Resources


O’Donnell Learn+ISG’s mission is to change the way the world learns. We are the learning experience company. To achieve our lofty goal we leverage data, people centric experience design, and technology to make sure every educator is capable of creating the best experience for the people in their learning community—learners, educators, leaders, and champions.

We are a company on the move, grounded in a legacy business and powered by the innovative spirit of start-up (30+ years in the making)! Recently we launched a platform to provide care for educators (Nectar®) by saving them time; alleviating friction while teaching; and enhancing connection with their community.

As our Director, People & Culture Development you’ll lead a team committed to helping our organization grow our team, in a way that enhances our core values, that allows us to deliver value to our community and fuel our growing footprint.

Daily, you’ll oversee the team responsible for building a strong culture, lead our strategy and execution of attracting and retaining the right fit employees. Develop performance management systems that foster a culture of caring, innovation, and trust. Deliver a strategy for continuous learning and professional development.

In this role you will...

Develop culture and community

  • Lead and manage the company initiatives and activities to reinforce the culture of caring and the company’s dedication to its values and to being a humanized, inclusive and engaged organization
  • Develop a strategy for building teams and cross-functional collaboration in a “work from wherever” environment.
  • Plan and lead large and small group relationship- and culture-building events, both F2F and virtual.
  • Regularly survey the company staff and contractors to pulse check satisfaction and gather ideas
  • Develop and manage budgets that support activities that contribute to the enhancement of our people, community, and culture.

Help with staff development and retention

  • Design and manage performance management strategies and programs for both employee compensation and professional development
  • Develop an onboarding training program to help ensure employees understand the values, mission, goals and solutions of the company
  • Develop a comprehensive training strategy including both synchronous and asynchronous activities, in-house training and access to external training opportunities
  • Manage the implementation of the training programs at the company and functional levels–ensure that they are developed and delivered and continuously improved. Develop budgets and oversee the PMs and vendors for training activities.
  • Partner with executive leadership to develop organizational growth strategies that provide pathways for mobility and development for people within our community.
  • Craft and execute on talent development strategies that ensure members of our community are in a constant state of growth.

Lead Staffing, recruiting, compensation

  • Develop and oversee recruitment strategy, process, and vendors to ensure we are all ALWAYS recruiting equitably and inclusively with a mindset that every person we engage with we leave them better than we met them.
    • Develop a recruiting process that is committed to identifying the right people who will enhance our culture, bring diverse perspectives, and thrive in their role— at every level in the organization.
    • Manage the staffing process, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding
    • Ensure job descriptions are up to date and compliant with all local, state and federal regulations
    • Create a compensation strategy for all roles and levels based on market research and pay surveys; keep the strategy up to date
    • Use performance management tools to provide guidance and feedback to the team
    • Partner with management to ensure strategic HR goals are aligned with business initiatives
    • Analyze trends in compensation and benefits

    Are you...?

    • A proven Talent leader with a passion for leading people and experience leading teams across multiple functions. (Preferably 3+ years in a management or senior management positions)
    • A Team builder who is innovative and creative in building a strong culture and a fun environment with remote teams.
    • Passionate about the education field and/or experienced in helping remote companies thrive.
    • Capable of leading and enhancing the culture of geographically dispersed remote first team.
    • Techie but not technical… we’re talking savvy with next Gen HR and recruitment and collaboration tools and capable of making determinations about the HR/ Recruitment tech stack.
    • A relationship builder who believes successful outcomes are always a team effort.
    • Comfortable and capable of communicating in text, verbal, visual and everywhere in between.
    • Devoted to communicate with our audience– their emotions, needs, and motivations.
    • Capable of aligning people who work across multiple functions and owning the outcomes produced.
    • Flexible and adaptable to work with a hybrid team with multiple priorities.
    • A dynamic contributor and leader who thrives in an environment that’s flexible and driven.
    • Adept at managing your time, your vision, and your outcomes with a commitment to the details without sacrificing them for the strategic outcomes.
    • A problem solver who balances intuition with research to determine solutions. Looking to work with people who thrive in building a healthy relationship between their professional and personal life experience.
    • Experienced in working with teams of multiple cultural and geographic backgrounds.

    If you read this and thought “That’s me!” to any or all of the above please submit an application.

    You Might Want to Know:

    • We’re Remote First Forever (RFF<3), while we cherish working from wherever we provide opportunities to collaborate with teammates in real life too.
    • Your team works hybrid hours. While we encourage you to follow your most effective workflows, we appreciate your ability to work with team members across multiple time zones.
    • We do travel and expect that you will be traveling periodically for team building, collaboration, and community engagement activities.
    • We’re committed to maintaining value based compensation that also paces with the market.
    • We’re thrilled to invest in your financial future with a 401K matching plan.
    • When you work with us, we’re always on your team and are committed to providing resources to help build the skills you need to thrive in your career with us and beyond.
    • Your health and wellbeing is a priority and are committed to supporting the activities that help you flourish in this area.
    • Working from wherever has its challenges so we support your technology needs appropriately.
    • Your hard work pays off with individual performance compensation opportunities..
    • As the company succeeds so will you, with growth milestone compensation opportunities.

    What we believe..

    At O’Donnell Learn+ISG you’ll work in a community of passionate learners, learning experience professionals, and learner success coaches dedicated to changing the way the world learns. We’re “a 30 year old start-up” with the drive and innovation you’d expect of a high growth start-up but sensibilities of a legacy business.

    We are committed to cultivating a humanized, inclusive and engaged workforce. As such, our success is tied to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects the population of learners and educators that we serve. We actively celebrate our team members’ differing abilities, perspectives, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith and gender identity. And, we are dedicated to supporting you in your career journey.

    Our organization is spread out across the world with a community that has functioned virtually since WAY before it was cool, easy, or practical… much like modern learners, we thrive in the flexibility this provides. That said, our teams love to get together and collaborate, with always accessible hubs in Los Angeles, outside New York City, and South Carolina. We provide all the resources you need to successfully work remotely along with the care necessary to enhance your wellbeing and keep you healthy!